Tuesday, February 06, 2007

From the American Counselor Association

In honor of "National School Counseling Week," February 5-9, 2007, the ACA Office of Public Policy and Legislation wants to remind you about the following resources on our web site for school counselors:

* What is a School Counselor: A Resource Guide for Parents and Students. This online brochure provides a quick overview of the role and value of school counselors.
* Effectiveness of School Counseling (2006)
* NAPSO Principles for the Reauthorization of ESEA (1/07)
* Loan Forgiveness/Repayment/Cancellation for Mental Health Counselors and School Counselors (09/06)
* Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program (ESSCP) Grant Awardees 2004-2006 (6/06)
An Overview of School Based Mental Services
* Facts about School Mental Health Services (3-06)
* The Importance of School-Based Mental Health Services (3-06)
* Student-to-Counselor Ratios by State (U.S. Schools Overall) (10/06)
* Student-to-Counselor Ratios by State (U.S. Elementary Schools) (10/06)
* Student-to-Counselor Ratios by State (U.S. Secondary Schools) (10/06)
* School Counselor: Making a Difference in the Lives of Students with Special Needs. This online brochure, from the National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education, provides an overview of the role of school counselors in special education.
* Review and Analysis of Current Outcome Research in School Counseling. From the Center for School Counseling Outcome Research, This paper reviews some of the issues in school counseling outcome research and how these issues relate to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Legislation.
* Forum Guide to Protecting the Privacy of Student Information: State and Local Education Agencies (NCES) (2004)
* Forum Guide to Protecting the Privacy of Student Information: A Resource for Schools (NCES) (2006)
* School Mental Health Services in the United States, 2002-2003 (SAMHSA) (2005)
* Counselors and Mentors Handbook on Federal Student Aid 2006-2007 (U.S. Department of Education)
* Tips for Helping Students Recovering from Traumatic Events (U.S. Department of Education) (9/05)
* About Bullying (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).

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